Austin and St Vincent’s Hospitals investigate new type 2 diabetes treatment

(image by David Caird for the Herald Sun) Melbourne’s Austin and St Vincent’s Hospitals are leading a world-first trial that, if successful, could see a reduction of insulin injections to treat advanced type 2 diabetes. Under investigation is a new endoscopic procedure called ReCET that uses a gentle electrical pulse to see if it can … Read more

Insulin Pump Technology Innovation @ Endocrinology Melbourne

On Friday 20 November 2020 the team at Endocrinology Melbourne & Melbourne Diabetes Education & Support assisted Robert Stack (with Type 1 diabetes) to become the first person in the world to commence the FULL Minimed 770G insulin pump and continuous glucose monitoring system (CGM), through COVID restrictions. The MM770G system is the only commercially … Read more

CGM & FGM Subsidy

Did you know that your patients with Type 1 diabetes who hold a valid concession card may be eligible for continuous glucose monitoring or flash glucose monitoring (Libre sensors) for freefrom 1 March 2020? The Government have announced this new funding initiative to help people with Type 1 diabetes > 21yrs measure and manage their … Read more