Insulin Pump Technology Innovation @ Endocrinology Melbourne

On Friday 20 November 2020 the team at Endocrinology Melbourne & Melbourne Diabetes Education & Support assisted Robert Stack (with Type 1 diabetes) to become the first person in the world to commence the FULL Minimed 770G insulin pump and continuous glucose monitoring system (CGM), through COVID restrictions.

  • The MM770G system is the only commercially available system with hybrid closed loop technology.
  • The MM770G system allows full visibility of both pump and CGM data for patients and care partners via smartphone connectivity. The pump software is upgradeable and automatically uploads data to Carelink to allow data sharing with health care professionals


(Photo: L-R) Julian Swindells Principal Technical Consultant Medtronic Diabetes ANZ , Dr Felicity Pyrlis Endocrinologist Endocrinology Melbourne, Robert Stack (Centre) & Fran Brown RN CDE Melbourne Diabetes

Contact our rooms on 9459 4415 for further information regarding how your patients with Type 1 diabetes can access this ground breaking technology.